Key milestones

September 2010 - VEI Capital is founded, a vehicle company dedicated to private equity and subsidiary of PFH.

March 2011 - VEI Capital acquires 34% of SNAI. This represents the company’s largest investment to date.

July 2011 - Acquisition of 22% of the share capital of Global Ports Holding.

July 2013 - VEI Capital sells its investment in Global Ports Holding, marking its first divestment, with an IRR of 13%.

November 2013 - VEI Capital invests in F.I.L.A., with a 19% share.

June 2014 - The company acquires 1% of RINA, the first time that share capital was made available to a third-party investor.

December 2014 - VEI Capital acquires 38% of Eleventy. In November 2015, the shareholding increased to its current level of 49%.

May 2015 - F.I.L.A. is listed on the Milan stock exchange. VEI Capital sells 4% of the capital, with an IRR of 49%.

June 2015 - The company acquires 40% of Finproject.

August 2015 - VEI Capital becomes the majority shareholder of Mid Industry Capital.

November 2015 - The company acquires the entire share capital of Cogeme.

December 2015 - VEI Capital acquires 16% of the shares of Costa Edutainment.