Investment strategy

VEI Capital has a generalist and diversified approach, with the exclusion of start-ups and highly specialised sectors such as high-tech and real estate.

It pays particular attention to businesses that can bring out the talent and creativity inherent in “made in Italy”.

VEI Capital is an agile and flexible company. It focuses on the Italian market, specifically medium-large companies with high potential. Investments range between Euro 20 and 100 million, and involve both majority and minority shareholdings.

Financial backing is a commodity if it is not accompanied by support in terms of both strategy and daily operations. Investment is based not only on financial evaluations but also on human and ethical affinities, a necessary condition for a rewarding collaborative relationship.

Each transaction is the result of an encounter. It is not just VEI Capital that identifies businesses in which to invest; entrepreneurs must choose the partner with whom they want to share their path to growth.

Investment is a shared decision

Sergio Ravagli, Managing Director OF VEI Capital